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Digital Production

In the age of Industry 4.0, reality for many medium sized companies still looks like this: employees receive their orders, work instructions and drawings on paper. Feedback is either not IT-supported at all or via the laborious scanning of barcodes at a remote terminal.

Digital Logistic

The production and warehouse must become paper-less. Digital production via MobileApps from SAP Business One 4.0 makes the processes of production safer, faster and more up-to-date. With MobileApps, it’s possible to eliminate paper from production processes, turning Industry 4.0 into reality.

SAP Business One DigitalProduction the mobile app for Industry 4.0 for medium-sized

From the order to the production to the warehouse SAP Business One's mobile apps handle all that in a flash, leaving you more time for your thoughts.

SAP Business One DigitalProduction the mobile app for Industry 4.0 for medium-sizedbusinesses

Do your employees still have to go where your company data is captured? With us, the data is captured wherever your employees are.

Kunden reden über SBO.APP

Obwohl wir kontinuierlich wachsen, haben wir unsere Administration signifikant reduziert. Mit SBO.APP und SAP Business One 4.0 haben wir die Basis für Industrie 4.0 geschaffen.
Steffen Jaiser
Dank SBO.APP und SAP Business One 4.0 arbeiten wir heute in der Fertigung vollständig papierlose und haben die Basis für eine weitere Automatisierung geschaffen.
Belizer Pakic
Die Variantenvielfalt unserer Produkte ist nur noch mit der vollständigen Digitalisierung in der Produktion und in der Lager-Logistik beherrsch- und bezahlbar. Deshalb setzen wir auf SBO.APP und SAP Business One 4.0
Jörg Hohn
Alice glanced nervously along the table, as she walked up the large hall.
Adrian Hubbard
For some minutes Alice stood without speaking, looking out in all directions over the country.
Craig Gill

Mobile Solutions for production – DigitalProduction with
SAP Business One 4.0

Flexible production

In medium-sized manufacturing companies with their variety of working steps, a large number of manual jobs are unthinkable. While automated production systems can document every change in the process, manual processes usually remain undocumented. With the DigitalProduction mobile app we considerably simplify and support manual processes in day-to-day production.

Mobile production management

DigitalProduction primarily takes care of production and warehouse management using mobile data collection devices (e.g. smartphones), real-time key figure management and mobile production order management. All worklists can be generated automatically and processed, implemented and electronically reported back by staff via smartphones, tablets or other mobile devices.

Beacons in production

A beacon in our sense is a transmitter or receiver based on Bluetooth technology. The potential for production is very high. For example, a smartphone automatically logs on to the worklist of a resource as soon as the employee approaches the resource. Or the beacon serves as a navigation transmitter to show all the parts
of a welding assembly.

Status and tracking of production orders

The DigitalProduction mobile app delivers all the status data from your production to mobile devices in real time. With this, you or your customers always have an overview of the current status of your production orders. With DigitalProduction order tracking, you or your customer can view the status of your production orders at any time and from anywhere and determine the estimated
time of completion. This saves time and unnecessary questions.
Mobility made simple
From the very beginning, DigitalProduction was designed for SAP Business One. DigitalProduction can access all SAP Business objects.
HTML5 available on all devices
The DigitalProduction client software is available for industry devices, smartphones and tablets for all operating systems.
Data management production & logistics
With the data management of DigitalProduction you don’t just collect data, but also gain information.
Industry 4.0 really is the future!?
We understand the subtle nuances that lead to success within the metalworking industry & mechanical engineering.
Communication server DigitalProduction
Our flexible and customisable standard app brings data from SAP Business One to mobile devices and vice versa.
Tailor-made based on the standard
With the Customizer integrated into DigitalProduction, we create customised apps for
the digital transformation.
Beacon technology
DigitalProduction receives and processes resource and order data via beacons and visualises them
with the help of eApps.
App store for SAP Business One
First app store for the digital transformation of the industry on the basis of SAP Business One Business objects.
Paperless production
Our apps are specifically optimised for the requirements of production and enable the provision of production information on call.

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